Friday, 4 April 2014

"The Single Founder Problem"

So you probably found this by "googling" the above title or by accidentally stumbling across this post. This is my attempt of applying a system to help me overcome the "The Single Founder Problem" in my own StartUp company GeoInteractive
So far I have poured my self a glass of wine and typed this much so if your after answers or experiences stay tuned. What I will be doing is documenting how I will overcome the "The Single Founder Problem" from my own experiences in my Startup company.
Just to add I do have another "StartUp" and that is called Peddlers Coffee which I will be applying the same practise's I learn from GeoInteractive. 
If you are in the same situation please feel free in contacting me. I find talking to different people creates a sense of a co-founder who just has several different personalities.

I have stumbled across a very interesting blog that talks about the struggles of a single founder and the link is:

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